Painting by JDA LLC

We strive to meet our clients needs by producing the highest quality paint service at a competitive price.

Previously known as Painting by Joseph DiMauro & Associates. Same great family owned and operated

company, just a new name!


  • A good quality paint job can increase your home's return investment 112%
  • Colors can affect your mood. For example, blue is calming, making it an ideal color for a bedroom, bathroom, or a nursery. Red is more stimulating and works better in rooms for entertainment, such as dining rooms, music studios, or game rooms.
  • You get what you pay for. Inexpensive paints are an enticing way to safe money, however, low quality paints fade faster and lack good coverage which usually leads to an extra coat of paint. It's more efficient to buy better quality paints, primers, and prepping material to ensure a longer paint job.

Painting by JDA LLC has been providing the highest quality paint service to the Lake Sunapee area for over 25 years. Due to our extensive preparation and quality paint products contractors and home owners can expect a long lasting and beautiful paint job!

From costum lake homes to colonial restorations our experienced painters are equipped for the job.

Meet the Owners

Over 60 years of combined experienced

Joseph DiMauro

Company Consultant

Joe started his painting career over 40 years ago in Carmel California where he learned a style of painting that emphasized on detailed and extensive preparation work. He relocated his business to the east coast and has been painting houses around the Lake Sunapee area for over 25 years. He is proud to announce his partnership with his daughter and son in-law.

Marlena DiMauro Lacourse

Company Manager

As a child Marlena would spend time on her father's job sites, whether it was sanding spindles or painting cubbies she was happy to help in any way she could. After 15 years of painting professionally Marlena has established a successful career in the field of construction and home improvement. In addition to her painting career she has also obtained a Bachelors Degree in Psychology which aides in her managerial responsibilities within the company

Jeremy Lacourse

Job Site Manager

Jeremy started his painting career with Painting by Joseph DiMauro & Associates with very little experience. Within the 8 years that he has been with the company he has shown great leadership and high-end painting abilities as well as craftsmanship. Clients and contractors find his casual personality refreshing and are always impressed with his hard work and dedication